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Grown Deep Lyrics

Mr. Mister

Lennon, Pezzano

Chorus: Boom Mr. Officer Boom Mr. Soldier Man When you gonna learn Not to fight violence with violence If you stop maybe then you see That's no way to keep the peace But I say Move Mister Mr. Revolutionary Rebel Trying to teach the people how to keep it on the level No we can't all see eye to eye So Love's the only to righteous life Pezzano: Wake up early in the morning get this feeling up in my head got to take a look outside and see the world when I get to start observing all this pain in all the suffering really starts to feel oh that ain't no good You know I'll never give up because I ain't trying to live up to this expectation of division that has been forced on me some people fight and they fuss I'm only looking for love I'm not concerned about the way that things are supposed to be You know that everything changes, nobody is right forever in this life what you are perceiving as strangeness might just be somebody else's path to the light So get up party people rise and take to the streets don't ever let the man make you stop moving your feet When we put our hearts together we can make one beat And we'll keep on dancing to the rhythm of the synergy Lennon: See I'm never gonna try again just to change your mind Because the truth be told my friend it's just a waste time So i'm redirecting my message straight into your heart 'Cause that's where the real revolution starts So stand up for good love and move 'round with this feeling Raise the vibration 'til we shake down the ceiling For if you greet with acceptance Than you'll be never afraid just to do your dance