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The Spark Lyrics

Tick Tock

Lennon, Sorensen, Pezzano, Guasco

Lennon: Tick tock Well the world keeps on spinning It don't stop The hands of the clock try to Take you down Deep inside of that current now Best watch out Or you might get washed Up upon the shore Feeling so lost Looking for a hint of Some distant sound To put your feet Back onto the ground Or just let go Pezzano: Keeping up the pace Everyday in this rat-race Years go by without a trace There's another way, another way, yeah, whoa Focus on your passion and don't you ever stop Unify your actions through the guidance of your art The future is not written, but if you keep your faith You will find yourself in just the right place Sorensen: Spark, to get your imagination burning from the start Open up your mind and it flows into your heart Letting the message and the meaning of your art 'cause that's where it goes Guasco: Tomorrow never happens And yesterday is gone The only moment we have is now Embrace it dusk 'til dawn Time is a fallacy altering balancing Pressuring people to stress over currency Currently we are not managing what we call time efficiently