Tick Tock
(Lennon, Sorensen, Pezzano, Guasco)

Tick tock
Well the world keeps on spinning
It don't stop
The hands of the clock try to
Take you down
Deep inside of that current now
Best watch out
Or you might get washed
Up upon the shore
Feeling so lost
Looking for a hint of
Some distant sound
To put your feet
Back onto the ground
Or just let go

Keeping up the pace
Everyday in this rat-race
Years go by without a trace
There's another way, another way, yeah, whoa
Focus on your passion and don't you ever stop
Unify your actions through the guidance of your art
The future is not written, but if you keep your faith
You will find yourself in just the right place

Spark, to get your imagination burning from the start
Open up your mind and it flows into your heart
Letting the message and the meaning of your art
'cause that's where it goes

Tomorrow never happens
And yesterday is gone
The only moment we have is now
Embrace it dusk 'til dawn
Time is a fallacy altering balancing
Pressuring people to stress over currency
Currently we are not managing what we call time efficiently

(Lennon, Sorensen)

Your words cut glass through just like a diamond
Talk behind their backs and it's just a violent crime which
Propagating bully culture that's in our time
You gotta use your heart and you gotta use your mind
Raise up your chin and you use a golden tongue kid
Be a good example for the children who observe it
Got to keep the golden rule strong and in our circuit
This is how we'll overcome our social perversion

Chorus (Lennon):
When they talk 'bout you
Just see right through
'cause what they're saying
Shows their pain and
If you find one time
It's you who's done the crime
Search for the reason
You lost what you believe in

Wicked wash your hands and rinse off your faces,
A new day starts with a chance to reverse this,
Cycle that's been tormenting so many generations,
We can be the ones who can change it

I have been on both sides of the line
Sometimes for the wickedness
Sometimes for the light
Sometimes for the love
Sometimes for the spite
But always for the truth
Once I finally realized that
I and I are one in the same
Cells inside the body of this human race
Running for the finish line
Together so afraid
When the needing of the loving
Turns to the seeding of the hate

It began in the dark, but from my fingers flew a spark
That ignited a fire, fueled by desire, in my aching heart
A desire to start a movement of people with open thoughts
But stagnancy of your conscious causing your soul to shrivel and rot
So I tear open your mind like a rip in the space-time
Your thoughts move like an ocean to these lunar rhythms and rhymes
And stirred from the depths comes your struggle with life and death
Filled with fear from your first breath it's time to put it to rest
See even minor hesitation in the contemplation of your own self-actualization
Stirs the sensation of your cosmic integration, I guess what I'm saying
Is you're someone to whom you should be praying so sieze the day and
Always think for yourself before you get caught in the web of society's mental hell
Don't let your head swell, never let your head swell

Warmth and Love

Meet me down by the river bank
Oh I want to feel your touch
Deep cold water got me shivering
Please deliver me your warmth, your trust
I breathe in, so deeply
Looking for a taste of what you've got
I feel it, so sweetly
When you're giving me, you're giving me your warmth & love

I want to float down river, down stream
Want you to flow in this rhythm with me
We could float together and be
One for the other love, a puzzle piece

When we stepped into this boat
The current took us with no way stop
Patch the leaks, we got to stay afloat
Found a hundred ways this boat can rock
But one day we'll reach the ocean
Where the land comes to greet the sea
We will only survive that motion
If we're rowing in harmony

I want to float down river, down stream
Want you to flow in this rhythm with me
We could float together and be
One for the other love, a puzzle piece

I want to
And I want you
We could be
One for the other

How Could It Be

How could it be
Even in this time
That people continue warring
I say, "oh why?'
I'm thinking
Maybe the truth is
It's all a big lie
And we just started ignoring
Things that never really have gone by

It's these illusions we create
Becoming all too real
Turning something that you're thinking
Into something that you feel
Making a deal with the devil
Just to find ourselves
A character created from the lies we tell
Then we define the lines once we find our roles
Masks that black out the light from our soul
'til we only see eachother for that shell of fear
And pretend we left it all in the yesteryear

And you can see it in the headlines of every news show
"This one, that one, these ones," those are the things they say
Just to push away
Turning a human being
Into a villainous face
But it always goes both ways
The paradox the endless moving cycle of hate
But if we really ever want to let it go away
Recognition and forgiveness it will take

Who will start this conversation?
Open up our hearts and our minds
We cannot be patient no more
This is our time
Who will start this conversation?
Open up our hearts and our minds
Move out of this stagnation so we all can thrive

Possible Obstacles

See I've been taught that anything I want in life is possible
But I can't seem to find a way to hop over these obtsacles
The optimal solution is to break my mental walls
But so many things just strive to break my balls
But imma break my fall put my hands out to catch me
Stand up, get back in the race, can't let life pass me
The tragedy, the comedy, the melody, the harmony,
The rhythm of this music brings out everything that's strong in me
To honestly and consciously critique all my surrounding
To question politicians and priests, cuz really it's astounding
How the masses move like sheep for shepherds in the field
Through a mental revolution a better truth will be revealed
Once concealed by illusions in the limits of a language
The mind sees through the world through categorizations
But with a little concentration you can see straight through the falacy
Get a tiny glimpse of some actual reality

You can go
Where you wanna go
As long as you know with your soul
You're on your way
You can be
What you wanna be
So long as you see that you're free
You're on your way

See my pops passed away when I was just sixteen
Guess things dont turn out to be as good as they seem
Learned that life's not as endless as I wish could be
They say I can I still talk to him inside of my dreams
But shit I can't remember the last time my mind played pictures
My imaginations wild but turns off with the light fixtures
Memories might flicker but the truth be told
I'm not over the point where they just make me cold
Rip my soul, leave me wishin for the days of old
Must stay bold, remember all the stories told
And never ever let the negative take control
I break the mold, take, shake, rattle and roll
On out of the state of mind that's enveloped my thoughts
My wires tangled up seems I got my signals crossed
And lost a bit of myself in the transaction
If it's gonna be found it's time to take some action

One Step
(Lennon, Lewis)

Chorus (Lewis):
I just step one foot in front of the other
One's for my sisters, one's for my brothers
I just keep my head held up high
For those who've been pushed down for so long
They can not see the sky
And I wonder why

When will these times change
And our perspectives rearrange
And we'll stop acting so tame
We'll stop playing this game
Search for wisdom not for fame
And we'll feel this whole world's pain
And see that we're all the same

It's just these masks and deceptions, the act of forgetting the face of reality
Keep making these payments, hate and separation, to find our identity
Endlessly warring the only ones scoring are those who sell the pieces
We hold in our hands to further the plans which only seem to keep us
Locked in the chains refusing to change all for the sake of believing
Systems of pain which only create the needs for enemies
It's truly a shame we're only to blame for season after season
Hurt and mistrust and all the corruption thrust in place of reason
We're all victims of the lines in the sand
Drawn by the wickedness held in the hands
Of those who so endlessly receive their demands
Their sickness inflame their egos leaving shadows on the land
Still those lines only ever hold significance
If we choose to listen to the stories the present
Fill our imaginations with their own figments
Isolation, sufferation, lies of difference

Some are searching for their path
That lead them to cool waters
That wash away the pain
That hurts like broken glass to fall on
But the only place you'll find it
Is deep inside your mind
So grab ahold
Embrace the change
Get ready and take the ride
'cause it's like ego suicide
Or some visine for your third eye
So I'm gonna help you feel so high
Off of my own positive vibes
My feet are in the soil
But my head is the in sky
Always staying grounded by not afraid of asking why
Why do we speak only when we're spoken to
Why do we think, only what they want us to
Why am I speaking one language when everyone else is speaking two
And why are we cleaning up this mess with a rag that's stained red, white and blue

The Spark

Out of absence came the spark
Little flicker just
To start this creation
Waves rolling out
Infinite destinations
Coalesce, come apart
Generation, generation
Simplicity giving rise to
Boundless innovation

What is God?
But a word that people keep on taking for granted
Use it to sow the seeds of hatred that continue getting planted
But the mystery of life is so much bigger than a man's head
No matter how much he inflates it with the worship of the masses
As we segregate life by race, religion, politics, and classes
Illusions holding fast because we're holding to our past
It's time that we look past this
If we're hoping to unite
Not the struggle, fuss and fight

From one light, one hum
One endless vibration
Came all life, all love
All manifestation
And our hearts, our minds
All our observations
Is all of our existence seeking
Self realization

See the writing on the wall
Let it fall

Boundless innovation...

Chant Down

Chant down Babylon
In the cold, cold streets
Where the lonely sleep
Chant down Babylon
Chant down Babylon
In the concrete jungle
Trying to stay humble
Chant down Babylon

In the streets and in the trees and even in your homes
Realize that I and I will never be alone
For when we get to breaking down these manufactured walls
We see that everything is everything and all as one, love
So shed your mask, and your act, and your roles
Isolated, dominated, suffocated souls
Take the world in deep and hold
Inside you'll find a fire, burn it brighter, let it grow.

I say where do we go from here
When so many be living their life in fear
Division and hatred as the money replacing the chains that enslave us
Got to stray from the path they paved just
Hold up, hold up
It's been way too long
Hold up, hold up
Been caged for too long
This is a hold up, hold up
But we don't need no guns
Just taking the time to open your mind and your heart

Babylon's just one name for the system
The system which tosses us 'round and 'round
We all know the truth but refusing to listen
To the sound of our hearts as they pound
Shaped in the factory end up the pistons
We drive this machine as it's going down
Long cold road, darkness in the distance
Hop out the hood and chant this rhythm now

Chant down, won't you hear us here Mr. Babylon
Chant down, come and join as we sing
Chant down, singing in the streets of Babylon
Chant down, feel the joy that it brings

Boom Shot
(Lennon, Sorensen, Pezzano, Guasco)

Lennon: Hear the thunder
Rumbling over the hills
Words of anger and hatred
Cause weakened ones to kill
On this earth many struggle with the concept of God
Often idols are followed, but their messages are not
This system twist the words of the true
Corruption is easy when minds are confused
The many live in fear for the thoughts of a few
Corruption is easy when minds are confused
So rise up people and embrace your souls
Simply love and only love can restart the flow
For when we damned up the river to that ancient source
We stagnated the water and we paved the course
To this world of division that we're living in
Each minute of each day, watch it fade away
Just like the cliffs turn to sand from the waves
Just like the light turns to dark as it fades

Chorus (Lennon): Hear the boom shot
Sending fire through the city
Oh the system
Wants to try and keep us down
I hear the boom shot
Sending fire through the city
But those seeds of change are
Planted deep in the ground

Pezzano: This endless tirade
Of doubt and dismay
Puts fear into the hearts of the people everyday
As the flames blaze higher, higher, deep into the night
In the twilight we'll remove the veil from our eyes

Sorensen: Explosion, explosion, Babylon's corroding
Violence in the street and the bodies keep on falling
We're exposing, exposing, lies that they're promoting
Music's in the streets and their hearts are overflowing

Pezzano: It's most dark before the light (so raise a light for those who cannot see the sky)
Love shines through the night

Guasco: When police brutality
Becomes a reality
It is time for you and me
To stand up and unite
No need for tragedy
No need for negativity
Hate won't get the best of me
I love with all of my might
The sun will always shine bright
The tears will dry in my eyes
Even with tear gas in my sight
I see through their disguise
I want to live my life in harmony with all of the people
I hope one day we can be together standing strong and equal

Good News

I called the doctor
To see, "what's got me stressing?"
She called me over
To offer some suggestions
She started her inspection
Just to see what she could find
No answers, no detection
In my body or my mind
So I walked down to the guru
See if he could divine
My fears, my faults, my voodoo
Though I keep trying, trying, trying
Trying, trying, trying, trying, trying
But nothing satisfied
And the search kept growing colder
Until a brand new friend arrived
And held me by the shoulder and said

"Listen to what I'm about to announce
Simply too many slogans come out of the mouths
Selling the illusion of a freedom with a capital fee
This a prison which attempts to make you feel like your free
That's what's got your mind twisted and your heart in a knot
Like you're trying to awake from a dream that won't stop
Got to rise to the top like a rain cloud
And touch the ground with that sound"

Oh we need some good news
Broadcasting through these streets
Imagine they showed truth
Instead of hiding lies in everything

And I've been wondering
Why we're heading
Down a long dark alley way
Already knowing
Where the road ends
Still we lead ourselves astray
It's got me hoping
That we might let in
More love and happiness
Good things are growing
We take a breathe in
Feel the love that never ends

Oh there's something
Shaking in my bones
It's that fire, burn it brighter,
Take it higher, let it grow

We need some good news

© Sol Seed Music, LLC